Landlords Google You, Too

landlords-mugshotIf you have a mugshot that’s been posted all over the Internet then you may be worried about your employment prospects and your dating life. Potential employers and potential dates are well known to run Google searches. And a mugshot is the last thing they want to see.

Employers and dates aren’t the only ones, however. Landlords may also Google prospective tenants to see who they might be dealing with. Anyone who has a photo on,, or similar sites may find that they have trouble renting an apartment, too.

You should not end up homeless just because you have an arrest somewhere in your past, particularly if you are innocent. There are enough barriers to renting safe, affordable housing without an extortionist website’s efforts to make your life even harder.

If you know you’ve been arrested in the past and you’re looking for a new home there are some steps that you should take before you pay for your first rental application.

First, you should Google yourself to find out whether or not you are appearing on any of these websites. If you don’t find anything then you can pursue a rental with confidence.

If you find your photo, then you need to take additional steps.

If you’re innocent, you need to discuss your situation with your lawyer. Many states will allow you to get the records sealed or expunged, especially if you were ultimately acquitted.

Expungement can take a long time, however. So you also need to look for a way to get your mugshot removed. can do this in as little as 72 hours for a small fee. They can do this even if you were convicted of the crime.

If you decide to fill out rental applications before your mugshot has been removed then make sure you include information about your arrest with your application. Include copies of documents which show that you were declared innocent. If you’re the first person to tell your own story the Landlord is less likely to hold your past against you. You can also use this technique if the incident was minor, or deep in your past. The Landlord is less likely to give you the benefit of the doubt if he finds out on his own.

The mugshot industry is so dangerous because it is so good at seeping into every part of your life. Fight back, know your rights, and do everything you can to clear your good name. Don’t let unscrupulous webmasters hold you hostage or stop your life in its tracks. Work to get those mugshots removed today.