Is There a Free Way to Remove My Mugshot From Google?

Google is such a common, everyday part of life that it’s even become a verb. Back in 2006, the word “google” entered the Oxford English Dictionary meaning, in part, “To search for information about (a person or thing).” Clearly, this isn’t some little site that will be here for awhile and then gone tomorrow. Instead, this is a powerful search engine that most people use when they want to find out about something, anything, else. In fact, in 2012, the No. 3 most popular search on Google was for the word “Google.” People don’t even seem to know what they’re looking for, but they certainly know where to start their search.




When your mugshot appears on Google, it’s reasonable for you to start your march back to a good reputation by taking on the massive search engine and deleting all of the copies of your mugshot that appear there. After all, if your photo isn’t on the most popular search engine in the world, it’s a bit like having a hidden photo that no one will ever see. Deleting a photo like this is certainly possible, but unfortunately, it isn’t always easy.


If you’ve dealt with your arrest through the legal system and your charges have been dropped, expunged or otherwise thrown out, you might be able to use Google tools to mount a legal challenge. A specific form on Google allows users to claim that content shouldn’t appear online because it’s not legal for the images to be in place. It’s a tricky legal maneuver, however, and it might not always work. After all, mugshot websites often claim that the photographs they show don’t prove a person’s guilt or innocence. They simply provide a record of an arrest that actually took place. A Webmaster of a mugshot website could quickly and easily point to these disclaimers and prove that mugshots from thrown-out charges have a right to stay in place, and if so, your mugshots might stay on Google.


If your content has been expunged or sealed or otherwise dealt with, you might be able to convince the specific website that is posting your photograph to remove your image. In some cases, sites will remove these records for free. Once they’ve done so, you can use Google’s Webmaster tools to ask the site to pull outdated content from its search results. In essence, filling out this form triggers a new indexing of Google, and when that indexing is done, the site will know that your photo has been deleted and it won’t show up in future searches.


As this article makes clear, it’s difficult to remove mugshots from Google for free, and sometimes, it’s just not possible. Hiring an expert might be a better way to go. A mugshot removal company can delete photos fast, and break the links to Google, so the photo is just gone for good. If you need help like this, please visit us at