How Taking More Photographs Can Help You Improve Your Online Reputation

photoPeople joke about the “Instagram everything” crowd sometimes. And while you might not want to take photos documenting your every moment of every day, a few well placed, carefully chosen photographs of you or your business could be vastly helpful in the fight to protect your online reputation.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why you might want to whip out that camera.

People are visual.

Photos draw the eye and create first impressions in a way that’s more powerful than words. A picture of your smiling face can create the beginnings of trust. You’ll certainly at least need photos of yourself for any social profiles you plan to claim–nothing lowers trust like that blank default “chess piece” avatar does.

But if you’re in business you need more than just your face. Shots of the good work that you do, the fine food that you serve, or the awesome establishment that you run can go a long way towards developing positive relationships with potential customers.

Gain placement in Google Image search results.

When Google finds plenty of image results they place them right on top of the SERPs. This means that you get a bit more SEO dominance for your brand keywords. Google also draws from your images to fill out the “information card” for your brand. It’s best if the images Google draws from are also images that you control.

Control over images is especially important for restaurants. Google Carousel draws photos from wherever it can on the web. Which would you rather see up there: a map snapshot, a photo of lunch that a 19 year old would be food critic took, or your own carefully arranged and lit attractive photo of your signature dish?

Photo content is easy to generate.

Taking a photograph of your latest project or of your establishment is certainly a lot less work than writing up even one blog post. You can get the job done with your smart phone if you have enough light and a steady enough hand to make the photo attractive. This means you can reduce your content creation burden simply by changing things up.

Photos alone certainly won’t save your reputation if you’re struggling with a slew of bad reviews, a mug shot or a dedicated enemy. But they can go a long way towards helping you manage your reputation in a proactive, effective way.