Mugshot removal is an interesting process and removing mugshots from mugshot websites is no laughing matter. There are number of sites that are engaged in distributing these moments in time in order to try and get some kind of cash payment to get you to remove them from their webpages. [...]

No one is as passionate about online mugshot removal, and about delivering exemplary customer service, as the professionals at, an industry leader who maintains their position as the best and fastest mugshot removal company on the web. By combining years of experience and expertise with unbeatable speed and highly [...]

The Mugshot Removal Company is proving to be the most effective and reliable ally people have in fighting back against companies that post mugshots and arrest records online for profit. A growing number of companies are taking arrest records and mugshots and publishing them on the Internet, without ever bothering [...]

Many mug shot publishing companies have emerged in recent years, to wide displeasure. These companies take mugshots and booking information obtained from law enforcement and post it to their website, in an attempt to generate traffic and attention to your arrest. This is seen as unfair or at least unnecessary [...]

Unfortunately for some, the internet is an open community, and anything can be posted. This is not to say freedom of speech on the internet should be limited, but a person’s privacy should be respected when called for. Currently there are many internet websites dedicated to posting mugshots. The Freedom [...]

People joke about the “Instagram everything” crowd sometimes. And while you might not want to take photos documenting your every moment of every day, a few well placed, carefully chosen photographs of you or your business could be vastly helpful in the fight to protect your online reputation. Here are [...]


Between actions taken by the financial industry and actions taken by Google, mug shot websites are struggling. In fact, is struggling enough that they are no longer accepting payment for mugshot removal. This isn’t entirely good news. It means that for the time being, nobody will have the direct [...]

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Most of the press about cyber-bullying has been focused on teenagers. High-profile cases have shown us a world of Mean Girls (and mean boys) to the Nth degree, to the point where many victims have been driven to suicide. But the threat of cyber-bullying does not go away when you [...]


If you have a mugshot that’s been posted all over the Internet then you may be worried about your employment prospects and your dating life. Potential employers and potential dates are well known to run Google searches. And a mugshot is the last thing they want to see. Employers and [...]

Though most payment processors have stepped forward to say that they intend to cut off the mugshot website industry, the wheels are turning slowly. In fact, it’s not even clear whether or not payment processors intend to really follow through their promises. Perhaps they’re hoping that the issue will be [...]