All About Mugshots

Mugshot removal is an interesting process and removing mugshots from mugshot websites is no laughing matter. There are number of sites that are engaged in distributing these moments in time in order to try and get some kind of cash payment to get you to remove them from their webpages. It is unfortunate that these are matters of public record and the basis of how they got these mugshots in the first place, but it is the status for the time being. A number of websites have sprung up in recent years, and suppressing them as fast as they come up is a difficult task. These websites are dedicated to monetizing these events and take advantage of the embarrassment that it may cause the subject of the publication.

Mug Shot Removal Company is experienced in removing these mugshots from search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo as well as all of the major search engines. They obviously are highly successful in removing these from some of the leading mugshot websites as well. The company works aggressively to have these mugshots removed from the search engines, which is how most people are actually finding the situations. You cannot remove your actual arrest record, but you can address how and if people find them. Various law enforcement agencies publish these databases openly, and these websites are there to scan and republish them to their own sites. With little help from the company, these things can be addressed effectively and have seen many clients that have been happy with their services. Offers Several Things to Consider When Selecting a Mugshot Removal Service

No one is as passionate about online mugshot removal, and about delivering exemplary customer service, as the professionals at, an industry leader who maintains their position as the best and fastest mugshot removal company on the web. By combining years of experience and expertise with unbeatable speed and highly competitive pricing, Mugshot Removal Company has become known as the number one mugshot eliminator in the online sphere.
Below, professionals seek to provide mugshot removal consumers three things to consider when shopping for a high-quality mugshot removal service.
Speed of Delivery
The easy accessibility of online information, the proliferation of data search sites and the increased use of search engines to vet job candidates, college applicants and more makes quick and immediate mugshot removal an absolute necessity. The first thing any individual must consider when shopping mugshot removal firms is the speed at which they can get that picture removed., incidentally, is known for providing consistently speedy and effective mugshot removal.
Level of Experience
Any company, regardless of what they offer, is going to be a far more effective service provider if they are supported by a considerable level of experience and expertise. This is no different in the field of online mugshot removal, where experience and establishment make the service easier and faster to provide. Your online reputation, says, should never be trusted to a firm that is inexperienced and unproven.
The mugshot removal industry is very competitive, making the combination of high-quality services with unbeatable prices an essential company asset. Mugshot Removal Company focuses on making their services not only highly effective, but also very affordable, and will match any legitimate competitor’s price to prove their confidence in who they are and what they do. has been trusted by over 5000 clients and counting for amazingly efficient and affordable online mugshot removal, and continues to be sought-after every day by people seeking immediate removal that won’t break their budgets. If you’ve noticed an embarrassing mugshot picture floating around online, and would like to get it taken down before it does significant damage, look to the experts at Mugshot Removal Company today.

The Mugshot Removal Company Is Quick and Dependable

The Mugshot Removal Company is proving to be the most effective and reliable ally people have in fighting back against companies that post mugshots and arrest records online for profit. A growing number of companies are taking arrest records and mugshots and publishing them on the Internet, without ever bothering to find out whether the person in the mugshot was innocent. As a result of this practice, legions of people who have never done anything wrong are finding their reputations damaged, in some cases beyond repair.

The companies that post these arrest records do so on the grounds that it is public information and that it is a public service. Not all states release these records publicly, but many do, including Florida, Texas and Arizona. Because the records are the work of public servants, the information is considered free and in the public domain, and it is perfectly legal for mugshot companies to obtain the records and post them on the Internet. The danger is that many innocent people are being damaged by this practice. The mugshots might be very old, and the circumstances that resulted in the mugshot might have long since been resolved favorably. But the mugshot websites post the images anyway.

The Mugshot Removal Company is your best ally in fighting back against the companies that do this. specializes in getting this damaging information removed from the Internet swiftly and cheaply. The company has a proven and longstanding ability to successfully remove mugshots from the Internet so that its clients can restore their online and offline reputations and reclaim their lives.

The Mugshot Removal Company knows that when mugshots are posted on the Internet, time is of the essence. The longer that it is there, the greater the chance that it will be seen by friends, family, business partners, or potential employers, and the damage that can be done can be permanent. If you have a mugshot posted on the Internet it is imperative that you act quickly. There are many services that offer this service, but has the unmatched speed and price to effectively clear the names of its clients.

Mugshot Removal State Laws

Many mug shot publishing companies have emerged in recent years, to wide displeasure. These companies take mugshots and booking information obtained from law enforcement and post it to their website, in an attempt to generate traffic and attention to your arrest.

This is seen as unfair or at least unnecessary to those who believe in the law’s ability to hold a person accountable for their past infractions. Mug shot publishing companies are in essence rubbing dirt in the wounds of people who have served a sentence of punishment for their mistake.

The tragedy occurring is that many people are hurt by these postings due to an inability to find fulfilling employment, not to mention a shameful reception before the eyes of their community. The fact that many of these companies publish mugshots and booking records of people who were charged but never convicted is too inexplicable to deserve consideration. Regardless, a foolish decisions made in contrast to one’s vast history of honorable behavior, or perhaps in one’s youth, most likely does not reflect that person’s shortcomings as a professional. It definitely does not reflect an immoral character or merit public humiliation.

Many states have pushed for their legislative branches to regulate the mug shot publishing industry, in an attempt to mitigate the damage that these publishing companies create. In April of 2014, Georgia Governor Nathan Deal signed into law a piece of legislation that prohibits from obtaining arrest booking mug shots in Georgia with the intention of posting them on their website and charging people to take them down. Earlier in April of 2013, Utah Governor Gary Herbert signed into law legislation of a similar nature. Other states, such as New Jersey, Oregon, and Texas, have recently passed legislation that require mug shot publishing companies to remove mug shots of people who were not convicted of the crimes they were charged with. Looming largest in the industry is a bill that reached the California State Assembly in April of 2014. This bill would make it unlawful in California “to solicit or accept payment to remove, correct, or modify mug shots online.” As is evident, state legislatures are taking action on behalf of their constituents.

The government is limited, however, in its power to limit the dissemination of negative information. First, the Freedom of Information Act makes arrest records available to the public. Second, the government can step in during instances of collusion but the First Amendment protects the right to publish most information. To be clear, a number of state governments have established precedent to prohibit publishing companies from charging people to remove mug shots, but they cannot stop people from publishing and disseminating mug shots.

Luckily for those who have paid for a past crime and wish to move forward with a clean slate, there are independent companies that do not have to pay mug shot publishing companies to suppress the negative press they intend to create. These companies offer comprehensive reputation management campaigns that promote a positive online presence for their clients, a presence that more accurately represents the interests of the client. The American legal system stands out as a beacon of justice to those around the world, but a reputation is still too important to leave in the hands of lawmakers.

How to Remove Mugshots from the Web

Unfortunately for some, the internet is an open community, and anything can be posted. This is not to say freedom of speech on the internet should be limited, but a person’s privacy should be respected when called for. Currently there are many internet websites dedicated to posting mugshots. The Freedom of Information Act has allowed free access to mugshots, and new mugshot sites are popping up constantly. This is obviously an incredible invasion of privacy. Many do not care if there mugshots are posted online, but for those that do, there are solutions to having your mugshot removed. can help you remove your mugshot from the internet. is a company dedicated to protecting privacy online. is also dedicated to helping all its clients better their online public image. Nasty things can always pop up on the internet, and many would rather have their privacy protected rather than have these harmful posts displaying their unfortunate acts. Chief among these internet privacy invasions is absolutely the posting of mugshots. Mugshots are taken upon arrest, but they can be for any arrest, and stay on file even if the arrested person is acquitted. has already helped over ten thousand clients have their mugshots removed from these invasive sites, and can help you, too.

Many mugshot websites charge to have your mugshot taken down. This can be an incredibly long and difficult process, and often has to be done through long forms, that some sites do not even provide. Of course, while going through this whole process you mugshot remains on the site, still hurting your reputation., however, has methods to quickly and efficiently remove your mugshot without having to go through these awful forms and pay money to support these harmful sites. guarantees not just removal of the mugshot from the site, but from Google search and other search engine results. has a whole list of mugshot sites they specialize in removing from. If you have been negatively affected by a mugshot site you should contact immediately to have it fixed. Please visit for more help and information.

If the site you are featured on does not show up on’s extensive list, do not despair! can still help you remove your mugshot.

How Taking More Photographs Can Help You Improve Your Online Reputation

photoPeople joke about the “Instagram everything” crowd sometimes. And while you might not want to take photos documenting your every moment of every day, a few well placed, carefully chosen photographs of you or your business could be vastly helpful in the fight to protect your online reputation.

Here are some of the biggest reasons why you might want to whip out that camera.

People are visual.

Photos draw the eye and create first impressions in a way that’s more powerful than words. A picture of your smiling face can create the beginnings of trust. You’ll certainly at least need photos of yourself for any social profiles you plan to claim–nothing lowers trust like that blank default “chess piece” avatar does.

But if you’re in business you need more than just your face. Shots of the good work that you do, the fine food that you serve, or the awesome establishment that you run can go a long way towards developing positive relationships with potential customers.

Gain placement in Google Image search results.

When Google finds plenty of image results they place them right on top of the SERPs. This means that you get a bit more SEO dominance for your brand keywords. Google also draws from your images to fill out the “information card” for your brand. It’s best if the images Google draws from are also images that you control.

Control over images is especially important for restaurants. Google Carousel draws photos from wherever it can on the web. Which would you rather see up there: a map snapshot, a photo of lunch that a 19 year old would be food critic took, or your own carefully arranged and lit attractive photo of your signature dish?

Photo content is easy to generate.

Taking a photograph of your latest project or of your establishment is certainly a lot less work than writing up even one blog post. You can get the job done with your smart phone if you have enough light and a steady enough hand to make the photo attractive. This means you can reduce your content creation burden simply by changing things up.

Photos alone certainly won’t save your reputation if you’re struggling with a slew of bad reviews, a mug shot or a dedicated enemy. But they can go a long way towards helping you manage your reputation in a proactive, effective way. Stops Accepting Money for Records Removal

mugshots-stop-accepting-paymentsBetween actions taken by the financial industry and actions taken by Google, mug shot websites are struggling. In fact, is struggling enough that they are no longer accepting payment for mugshot removal.

This isn’t entirely good news. It means that for the time being, nobody will have the direct ability to remove mugshots at all. The pop-up notice on the site reads:

We are in the process of altering our arrest record removal policy and are unable to remove this record at this time. Effective immediately, we will no longer be accepting payment for any record removal. Please check back with us in the next few weeks for further information and removal instructions for expunged, sealed, or deceased cases.

What does this mean for you if you have a mugshot stored online? It means that right now your best option is to work with someone who can suppress those records.

It’s true that Google has pushed the mugshot websites themselves down in the search results. But that doesn’t mean that they’re falling far enough in the search results to prevent a mug shot from showing up if someone searches for your name. This is especially true if you don’t have a lot of positive web properties to work with. If that mug shot is virtually your only record online then that’s all that’s going to show up for you, regardless of Google’s decision to penalize Mugshotsonline and similar websites.

Therefore, you need to work with someone who can create those properties for you. That way, Google has some material to work with as it decides what does and does not need to go to the top of the search engine results page.

You also need to be cognizant of what’s happening on other sites. Other mugshot sites may still offer avenues for a removal company to help. There are over 30 mugshot websites and each one of them is a little bit different. (This is, incidentally, also why mugshots seem to migrate from site to site–there’s so many of them and they’re all pulling their mug shots from the same source).

The mugshot industry may seem to be on the run, but they might just adapt, too. And in the meantime, those records are still sitting there, having an impact on your life and future unless you take the steps that will help you manage them.

Cyber-Bullying: It Happens to Adults, Too

two men fightingMost of the press about cyber-bullying has been focused on teenagers. High-profile cases have shown us a world of Mean Girls (and mean boys) to the Nth degree, to the point where many victims have been driven to suicide.

But the threat of cyber-bullying does not go away when you leave high school, or even when you graduate from college. It happens in workplaces, too, and the consequences can be just as devastating as they are for teens.

Just note this Star story about a victim named Heidi Blery.

She was then in her late-20s, living on the West Coast and working in the office of a car-rental firm. Her ordeal started after a disgruntled customer built a website to rebuke the company.

At first, nobody paid much attention. But then a strange thing happened: this seething outsider began to attract company insiders.

His spite was contagious.

Within a few months, the website hissed with scurrilous gossip and character assassination. These discussions by rogue employees, sometimes more than 100 comments deep, often targeted colleagues.

Blery recalls one thread in which anonymous posters rated her breasts and other body parts as nonchalantly as if they were debating the merits of daylight savings time. Another discussion claimed, wrongly, that she was having an affair with her boss.

…After those message boards plagued her from morning to night, she quit and returned to school. Upon graduating, she sent out resumes, more than 500 in a short period. Nobody called. That’s when she realized the unflattering discussions about her were the first to appear on search engines when anyone – including a potential employer – typed in her name.

When it happens to adults, the legal term is “Cyber-harassment.” But it’s devastating by any name.

There are laws against this sort of behavior in all 50 states. But the behavior continues to persist, often because the tormenters are cloaked beneath a curtain of anonymity.

If you’re the victim of workplace cyber-bullying or cyber-harassment you might find yourself in the same position that Heidi was in: unable to escape because the digital shadow of other people’s defamation is following you around.

When that happens, it’s time to work with a professional to get the offending content removed. And it’s time to take charge of your web presence, building up a profile that tells the world who you are, what you do, and why you’re a great person. You can take back your good name, and your peace-of-mind.




Landlords Google You, Too

landlords-mugshotIf you have a mugshot that’s been posted all over the Internet then you may be worried about your employment prospects and your dating life. Potential employers and potential dates are well known to run Google searches. And a mugshot is the last thing they want to see.

Employers and dates aren’t the only ones, however. Landlords may also Google prospective tenants to see who they might be dealing with. Anyone who has a photo on,, or similar sites may find that they have trouble renting an apartment, too.

You should not end up homeless just because you have an arrest somewhere in your past, particularly if you are innocent. There are enough barriers to renting safe, affordable housing without an extortionist website’s efforts to make your life even harder.

If you know you’ve been arrested in the past and you’re looking for a new home there are some steps that you should take before you pay for your first rental application.

First, you should Google yourself to find out whether or not you are appearing on any of these websites. If you don’t find anything then you can pursue a rental with confidence.

If you find your photo, then you need to take additional steps.

If you’re innocent, you need to discuss your situation with your lawyer. Many states will allow you to get the records sealed or expunged, especially if you were ultimately acquitted.

Expungement can take a long time, however. So you also need to look for a way to get your mugshot removed. can do this in as little as 72 hours for a small fee. They can do this even if you were convicted of the crime.

If you decide to fill out rental applications before your mugshot has been removed then make sure you include information about your arrest with your application. Include copies of documents which show that you were declared innocent. If you’re the first person to tell your own story the Landlord is less likely to hold your past against you. You can also use this technique if the incident was minor, or deep in your past. The Landlord is less likely to give you the benefit of the doubt if he finds out on his own.

The mugshot industry is so dangerous because it is so good at seeping into every part of your life. Fight back, know your rights, and do everything you can to clear your good name. Don’t let unscrupulous webmasters hold you hostage or stop your life in its tracks. Work to get those mugshots removed today.

Payment Processors Slow to Take Down Mugshot Websites

credit-card-processors-slowThough most payment processors have stepped forward to say that they intend to cut off the mugshot website industry, the wheels are turning slowly.

In fact, it’s not even clear whether or not payment processors intend to really follow through their promises. Perhaps they’re hoping that the issue will be long forgotten before they actually have to turn down money from anyone.

CNN Money posted a recent update on the situation.

Of the four major credit card companies, only American Express said it has completely cut off ties. Even though two of the mug shot websites said they still accept American Express, Amex spokeswoman Sanette Chao assured they wouldn’t work.

“It’s going to decline on our end,” she said.

The other companies weren’t as direct. Discover said it was “still in the review process of terminating relationships.”

MasterCard and Visa said they are working with the “acquiring banks” that the mug shot websites use to process credit card payments.

Perhaps these banks have reviewed the industry and realized just how much money that they’re walking away from. Perhaps they’re responding to the amount of criticism that some parties have lobbed at them for their power to choose who lives and who dies on the Internet. This move might have been universally applauded, for example, had credit card processors not also shut down donations to WikiLeaks two years ago.

Either way, it doesn’t matter. It simply means that for the time being, the mugshot extortion racket is alive, well, and ready to take money.

If you have a mugshot on any of these websites, however, you shouldn’t whip out your credit card. Most mugshot websites work together.

That means you can get your mugshot taken down from website A and pay $350 for the privilege…only to see your mugshot reappear on website B. You could go through ten or fifteen websites before you see the end of the problem. This process can take you weeks, months, even years, leaving your life on hold.

Or you can just get all of your mugshots removed at the source by using the services of a mugshot removal company, one that can get your mugshots removed in as little as 72 hours.