Internet Mugshot Removal Service is the leading publisher of online mugshots and arrests data.  We specialize in removing records from and other related websites.  Unlike other mugshot removal services we make sure your record is permanently removed and process expedited removal requests with Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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1-800-578-1973 currently has mugshot websites in the following States. Each site is State specific and emphasizes in record publishing in certain counties that make mugshot records freely available.











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Not Just A Face in the Crowd: Mugshot Removal is Important

The emergence of the internet as a source of information is unquestionable. People look to the internet as a way to find information about a wide variety of topics. If you are looking for the best price on electronics, you search the internet.  If you need to find a great hotel, you search the internet. If you want to know more about your child’s teacher, you search the internet. It is extremely easy to do an online search for the name of a potential employee, romantic interest, instructor, or contractor. Your individual reputation and the ramifications of the online information associated with your name are serious. Every individual has a responsibility to protect and maintain their good name online.

A mugshot is a representation of a specific moment in time. For many who have been through the arrest process it is not your finest moment. Regardless of the outcome of your situation the mugshot remains. Many people are put through the process of an arrest only to be found innocent as the circumstances and factors surrounding an incident are revealed in a court of law. Imagine having your good named cleared through the judiciary process only to find that your mugshot is still one of the first things associated with your name in a search engine result page. This is certainly not what you want people to see or believe if they search for your name.


Having  your mugshot removed from search engine results is not impossible. There is help available. has established relationships with the sites that post these images. They are able to be an advocate for the individual’s who find themselves in the unenviable position of having a mugshot plastered across the internet. is here to help and can assist you in the removal of these images. A mugshot image is raw and without additional facts. A mugshot is not the image that you want to represent you. Your hard work and accomplishments should not be negated because of a single image: a mugshot.