How to Remove Mugshots from the Web

Unfortunately for some, the internet is an open community, and anything can be posted. This is not to say freedom of speech on the internet should be limited, but a person’s privacy should be respected when called for. Currently there are many internet websites dedicated to posting mugshots. The Freedom of Information Act has allowed free access to mugshots, and new mugshot sites are popping up constantly. This is obviously an incredible invasion of privacy. Many do not care if there mugshots are posted online, but for those that do, there are solutions to having your mugshot removed. can help you remove your mugshot from the internet. is a company dedicated to protecting privacy online. is also dedicated to helping all its clients better their online public image. Nasty things can always pop up on the internet, and many would rather have their privacy protected rather than have these harmful posts displaying their unfortunate acts. Chief among these internet privacy invasions is absolutely the posting of mugshots. Mugshots are taken upon arrest, but they can be for any arrest, and stay on file even if the arrested person is acquitted. has already helped over ten thousand clients have their mugshots removed from these invasive sites, and can help you, too.

Many mugshot websites charge to have your mugshot taken down. This can be an incredibly long and difficult process, and often has to be done through long forms, that some sites do not even provide. Of course, while going through this whole process you mugshot remains on the site, still hurting your reputation., however, has methods to quickly and efficiently remove your mugshot without having to go through these awful forms and pay money to support these harmful sites. guarantees not just removal of the mugshot from the site, but from Google search and other search engine results. has a whole list of mugshot sites they specialize in removing from. If you have been negatively affected by a mugshot site you should contact immediately to have it fixed. Please visit for more help and information.

If the site you are featured on does not show up on’s extensive list, do not despair! can still help you remove your mugshot.