Could Your Expunged Records Still Show Up on Mugshot Websites?

Getting a case expunged is no easy feat. States often have very strict rules about the kinds of cases that are eligible for expungement, and often, there's a significant amount of paperwork involved and fees to pay before people see any kind of movement on their request. All of this hard work can be well worth the effort, however, as an expunged case is supposed to be hidden from view. A criminal background check might not even mention an expunged case, and no details about the incident would be available to people who want to find out the dirt about someone who has been arrested. Unfortunately, those who choose to use expungement to deal with a mugshot website may find that they're not getting the help they're looking for. In fact, they may find that expunging a case brings them no relief at all.

A case working its way through the courts in Pennsylvania demonstrates this concept quite nicely. The problem began in 1998, when a man was arrested and went through typical booking processes. Months later, his case was expunged and the man forgot about the incident for the following 14 years. In 2011, however, a friend of the man found his mugshot and information about his arrest on, according to The Intelligencer, and the man hired a lawyer for help after he realized that his mugshot was on a variety of other mugshot sites as well. The Associated Press reports that the man is seeking more than $75,000 in damages, and the case is currently working its way through the court system.

On the surface, it might seem as though this man has a good case in the works. He paid to have his case dealt with, and the information is still lurking out there in the public sphere. It would seem like this is a cut-and-dried case of some agency doing its job improperly, and someone should pay for that. Unfortunately, the truth is just a little more complicated.

When a case is expunged, most states don't require agencies to run extensive searches online and remove data that should be blocked from view. In Pennsylvania, for example, new legislation would expand the expungement process and those who don't follow the rules could receive fines, but it's unclear who would be responsible for ensuring the data is removed, and it's unclear how far a responsible party would have to go in order to ensure the law was followed. In other words, it's not clear that mugshot websites are included, and if they are, it's not clear who would be responsible for notifying the mugshot sites of expunged cases.

At the moment, it seems like people who have expunged cases must take charge of their own reputations, and they must contact the sites that continue to publish their information. Some sites make this easy. Busted Mugshots, for example, provides a free removal service for people who have expunged cases. With a quick online form, people can remove the data they see. There are other sites, however, that take a harsher stance., for example, claims that expungement only applies to specific governmental agencies, not the private sector, so they aren't willing to remove data that's been expunged.

We specialize in helping people who have been targeted by mugshot websites, and with our service, people can get their mugshots removed quickly and inexpensively. We are happy to help you find copies of your mugshot that might be floating through Internet ether, and we can use your expungement records to pull those documents down fast. Please contact us to find out more.


Is There a Free Way to Remove My Mugshot From Google?

Google is such a common, everyday part of life that it’s even become a verb. Back in 2006, the word “google” entered the Oxford English Dictionary meaning, in part, “To search for information about (a person or thing).” Clearly, this isn’t some little site that will be here for awhile and then gone tomorrow. Instead, this is a powerful search engine that most people use when they want to find out about something, anything, else. In fact, in 2012, the No. 3 most popular search on Google was for the word “Google.” People don’t even seem to know what they’re looking for, but they certainly know where to start their search.




When your mugshot appears on Google, it’s reasonable for you to start your march back to a good reputation by taking on the massive search engine and deleting all of the copies of your mugshot that appear there. After all, if your photo isn’t on the most popular search engine in the world, it’s a bit like having a hidden photo that no one will ever see. Deleting a photo like this is certainly possible, but unfortunately, it isn’t always easy.


If you’ve dealt with your arrest through the legal system and your charges have been dropped, expunged or otherwise thrown out, you might be able to use Google tools to mount a legal challenge. A specific form on Google allows users to claim that content shouldn’t appear online because it’s not legal for the images to be in place. It’s a tricky legal maneuver, however, and it might not always work. After all, mugshot websites often claim that the photographs they show don’t prove a person’s guilt or innocence. They simply provide a record of an arrest that actually took place. A Webmaster of a mugshot website could quickly and easily point to these disclaimers and prove that mugshots from thrown-out charges have a right to stay in place, and if so, your mugshots might stay on Google.


If your content has been expunged or sealed or otherwise dealt with, you might be able to convince the specific website that is posting your photograph to remove your image. In some cases, sites will remove these records for free. Once they’ve done so, you can use Google’s Webmaster tools to ask the site to pull outdated content from its search results. In essence, filling out this form triggers a new indexing of Google, and when that indexing is done, the site will know that your photo has been deleted and it won’t show up in future searches.


As this article makes clear, it’s difficult to remove mugshots from Google for free, and sometimes, it’s just not possible. Hiring an expert might be a better way to go. A mugshot removal company can delete photos fast, and break the links to Google, so the photo is just gone for good. If you need help like this, please visit us at

How to Remove my Mugshot from Google and the Internet

According to eMarketer, the average adult spends about 65 minutes per day on mobile devices, and 167 minutes per day on the Internet. Some fill their time by looking at videos of cats or writing notes to people they love, but others spend their surfing hours looking at photographs of people who have been arrested. It’s a secret pleasure, looking at people who are low and dejected, and at times, it can be incredibly thrilling and it can fill a person with a sense of superiority. Unfortunately, if you’re the person in the photographs everyone is looking at, you might have a very different reaction. In fact, it’s likely that you want to get those photos down right now, both from the mugshot site and from Google. Here’s how you can go about it.

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DIY Solutions Mugshot Removal Options


Mugshot websites sometimes allow for quick and straightforward record removal. For example, people who appear on can click on a big, blue “Record Removal” button, once their photos have been in place for a day or two. Similarly, people who appear on can also click on a removal button next to their photos, and see their images slide away. However, not all mugshot websites are so willing to play ball., for example, provides no quick way for users to remove their photographs, and claims that no photographs will be removed unless the request meets their “unpublishing policy,” and even then, the company maintains the right to keep the photos in place. Sometimes, people who attempt to fight back on their own may simply be unable to do so, since the companies are not breaking the law and aren’t required to take down photographs.

Additionally, going it alone means looking for the photograph over and over again, and perhaps filling out multiple requests and paying multiple fees. The mugshot websites aren’t connected to one another, and they often have different owners and financial backers, so removing the photo in one place might allow it to appear in other places.

Some people choose to go around the issue by heading right to Google. It’s a reasonable approach, as Google is the leader in online search engines, with an estimated 4,717,000,000 searches run in 2011 alone. If the photo didn’t appear on Google, perhaps it wouldn’t appear at all. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to get Google to remove mugshot photographs from their search engines. In fact, Google may simply tell a person to talk to the site administrator directly, and we’ve already pointed out that site administrators don’t respond well to these requests.


Using an Expert


Reputation management companies often provide clients with mugshot removal tools. With one small fee, users can delete photos from multiple mugshot websites, and many companies will include Google checks as part of the service they provide. The photos are deleted, so they’re not in either place, and the damage is contained. Companies like this can also delete photos in minutes, rather than hours or days, so people who utilize this service may have immediate relief, rather than waiting and hoping to hear a response from a large company that might not ever comply.

Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not. Please visit us at We can get your problem taken care of right now.


The Truth About Mugshot Removal Services and Mugshot Websites


In 2012 mugshot removal services started appearing left and right, the industry was on fire and SEO gurus from all over the world were starting mugshot removal companies.  Many of these companies were run poorly and or weren’t keeping up with removals and customer service and shut their doors.  Services offer mugshot removals for $199 and cheaper are typically a scam connected with the mugshot website and owner.  Paying these sites will likely cause you to have more mugshot records then before.  When looking for a service make sure they are charging over $300 as any service charging less is likely stealing your money.  Go with a trusted name, we have been removing mugshots since 2010 and have removed over 10,000 records for our clients.

How to Find the Right Mugshot Removal Service

Run a search online using the words “mugshot removal service,” and you’ll be rewarded with page after page after page of contact information for companies that are just dying to help you. With so many sources out there, how can you possibly find the right company to meet your needs? These five tips may help.


mugshot service

Take Your Time

According to a study conducted by Healthgrades, 42 percent of consumers spent 10 hours or more researching a car before they buy. By contrast, 34 percent spent less than an hour doing research before they choose a doctor. People might spend even less time reading up on reputation companies before they choose someone to help with a mugshot problem.


When your photo is online and your reputation is swirling the drain, it’s easy to panic and snap up the first offer you’re presented with. However, companies offer remarkably different services, at different prices ranges, so it pays to do your homework and take your time. You’re making an important decision, and you’ll want to ensure that the partner you choose is qualified to provide you with reasonable, reliable help.


Look Past the Marketing

The average company delivering a service to a customer spends 12.1 percent of its revenues on marketing, according to the CMO Survey. These companies might build glitzy websites, buy time on radio stations, create advertisements for magazines and produce punchy videos about the services they provide. However, all of this marketing is meaningless if the product is inferior. Be a smart shopper and ask questions before you buy. Hiring the company with the best marketing campaign could be a big mistake, if there’s another company that can provide better help at a lower cost.


Demand Speed

The longer the mugshot stays online, the easier it will be for people to see, copy and share the information. In a matter of days, one little mugshot could turn into hundreds or even thousands of copies, and each copy could be another link out of your excellent online reputation. Look for companies that can offer you immediate removal, rather than slow turnaround times, so you’ll get the most bang for your buck.


Look for Deep Removals

Many mugshot removal sites will delete photos from sites by breaking the links to the company’s home page. In essence, the photo is still in place, but people who search on the mugshot site won’t be able to see it. Unfortunately, Google will be able to find those photos, and when people run searches for your name, your mugshot will still show up. Since Google is responsible for an estimated 500 million daily users, that could translate into a significant amount of damage.


Look for companies that guarantee a deletion (not a sequester), and better yet, ask about a guaranteed broken back-link to Google. These two steps could help ensure that your photo is really gone, never to be heard from again.


Start with Us

We offer immediate removal from mugshot websites, with broken links guaranteed, and our prices are hard to beat. We’d love to tell you more about what we can do, and we’d love to get started. Please contact us to find out more.

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Mugshot Websites Make the Past Eternally Present

More than 60 mugshot websites are up and running, according to ABC News, and each site pulls together collections of arrest photographs published above the real names and arrest information of those photographed. The coding is crude and the sites are easy to navigate, meaning that search engines can quickly scour the sites and create sophisticated maps of the information on each and every page. With just a quick Google search, someone looking for a mugshot of a specific person can hit pay dirt, and with that photo in hand, it’s easy to cause mischief.

the past

That’s just what happened in Colorado, according to news reports, as opponents of a gun measure found mugshot photos taken in 1991 of a prominent legislator who is working to ban ammunition magazines containing more than 15 rounds. The photo was repurposed with the caption, “Criminals will obey the laws I introduce into Colorado,” and was shared on various social media outlets, according to the Denver Post. This representative had shared her arrest history in the past, but she was likely dismayed to see that her mugshot could appear over and over again, making that very old arrest seem as though it had just happened mere moments ago.

Mugshot websites often claim that the work they do helps communities to stay safe, but there’s no evidence that photographs help keep dangerous people behind bars. A recent case in Florida makes this all too clear. Here, a man was arrested on charges stemming from an assault of two women, based on their recognition of him in mugshot photographs. The man wasn’t guilty of this terrible crime, however, and DNA evidence exonerated him after he’d spent 24 years in prison. Cases like this make it clear that mugshots can harm reputations and make people seem guilty, even when they’re not guilty of any crime at all.

Mugshot websites are largely automated and they don’t contain expiration dates. No one is looking through criminal case records and removing photographs if people are later exonerated of the charges that were levied against them during the arrest. No one is deleting photographs after a specific period of time has passed. No one is removing images that are just too damaging to deal with. The photos just stay, waiting for someone to take an interest. Years later, when the people photographed want to get a job, find a romantic partner or pass important legislation, those hidden time bombs could start ticking, just waiting to explode.

That’s why we encourage people to take action as soon as they find out their faces are online. We can delete photos fast, and we can keep running checks and deleting any copies of photos that appear months down the line. It’s a sophisticated attack, and it’s the best way to fight back. Contact us to find out more.

Mugshot Website Makes Lawyer Nationwide Punch Line

No matter how much mugshot website administrators might claim that the sites exist only to help solve crimes and ensure that the guilty get the punishment they deserve, the fact remains that sites like this are designed to bring in money. Often, those funds come from paid advertisements. Small banner ads, running beside or below the content, bring in money with each and every click, and often, lawyers snap up those ads, hoping to lure in customers who have been arrested for crimes. Making money like this is far from illegal, but it can be risky for everyone involved. One man in Florida found this out the hard way.

In March of 2011, a Florida lawyer was arrested on charges involving a drunken hit and run, according to Gawker. Mere moments after his arrest, his photo appeared on multiple mugshot websites, including one site that played host to an advertisement for a law firm. The problem? The lawyer smiling in the advertisement was the same man smiling in the mugshot.

The gaffe spread like wildfire, and suddenly, the two images appeared in multiple media outlets under a variety of snappy little headlines, including this one from AdWeek, “Great Online Ad Fail: Lawyer’s Mugshot Appears Next to His Law Office Ad.” The writer wonders if the lawyer can call himself for assistance. It’s not a joke the lawyer is likely to find funny.

When approached by the ABA Journal, the lawyer responded predictably, stating that he should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. It’s a very lawyerly thing to say, but unfortunately, it doesn’t make the mugshot disappear. In fact, at the moment of this writing, the lawyer’s mugshot was still prominently displayed on multiple mugshot websites, and the photo is likely to stay in place unless the lawyer does something about the situation. Regardless of his guilt or innocence, the mugshot will stay in place and people who see that photo might assume that the lawyer is untrustworthy as a result.

It’s hard for average people to fight back against mugshot websites, as the administrators often use very firm language that implies that they never take down any photos at all., for example, has posted these words about the issue: “Most people who contact to request unpublishing are not falsely accused individuals, but rather people who are trying to hide their past by reducing the accessibility of their public arrest record. Given the nature of the crimes some people are accused of, it is socially irresponsible to unpublish their arrest records.” People who read these words might be tempted to simply give up, rather than fighting back.

Reputation management companies can help. These organizations have the clout and the personnel an average person simply doesn’t have access to, and these companies know all about how to work with mugshot sites and get people the justice they deserve. There’s no need to live with humiliation, when reputation management companies can provide real and immediate help. Contact us to find out more.